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News item: 4/4/06: Egad! New High Stakes chapter!

News item: 1/4/06: Happy New Year! Beware the Radish is now hosted on my main website, Chaoseed!

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Stories Due Dates Last Update Summary Rules
Nightmare Fighter Yumeko ? 3/1/04 (P) Dark/Magical Girl Fantasy Moderated
High Stakes ?2/9/04<--> 4/4/06 (P) Dark/Monster Battle Standard
Dark Star Never 6/22/00 (P) Dark/Fantasy Standard
Fate Game Never 10/31/03 (New) Satire/Roleplaying Many
Dark Times 1/13/02 10/31/03 (P) Dark/Post-Apoc Semi-Collaborative
T.M.I. Never 12/3/01 (P) Comedy/Surreal Chibi
The Sunburst Project Never 5/13/02 (P) Experimental Writing Stimulus/Response
M.E.T.A. Never 9/11/00 (V) Writing Workshop Writing Workshop
Cephied Never 9/14/00 (P) Comedy/Fantasy Secret
All dates are month/day/year.

Beware the Radish is an independent impro site, an offshoot of ImproFanfic, oriented toward serious-toned and experimental stories. Most of the stories here can also be considered moderated, to a greater or lesser degree. See the links above and below for more information.

Beware the INFO

Info: What exactly is this site? The basic idea of Beware the Radish. If you have no idea what's going on, go here.
Info: What makes this site different from other Indie Impro sites? Just a few tweaks, really.
Participate: How do I participate? Submit! *wh-CRACK*
Info: What about the legal stuff? Strangely enough, I stole most of this part from ImproFanfic...
Info: What do all these funny words mean? The Beware the Radish Glossary.
Info: Frequently Asked Questions ...will be linked to from here, as soon as people start asking them.
Humor: The Naughty Carrot, a parody in honor of April 1st, 2000
Contact: Contact the Admin

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Key to Update Codes
PPartNew part posted
QQueueQueue change
OOmakeOmake/fanart posted
RRulesStory's writing rules changed.
S/SStimuli/SubmissionsNew stimuli and this week's submissions for the Sunburst Project
VReViewNew review or reviews for M.E.T.A.

Beware the LINKS

ImproFanfic ImproFanfic - The Original.
Imprology Imprology - A friendly netcomic introduction to ImproFanfic and impro-style writing. Hosted by ImproFanfic.
Indie Madnesse Indie Madnesse - The first "indie impro" site, featuring humor-oriented storywriting.
ImproFanfic Prereaders List The ImproFanfic Prereaders List - Like a writing workshop! Find a prereader to give opinions on your work, or offer your own services.
Impro Archive The Impro Archive - Older impro-style stories that weren't popular enough to be continued are preserved here in suspended animation, waiting for an author to reawaken them.

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Exposed: Exposed - John's impro chapters, Exposed Party: Party #24 Omake Web Page John Evans: Chaoseed

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