Dark Star

Chapters Authors Due Dates Queue
1: Yumemiru kishikata
2: Tenshi Densetsu
3: Dog-Dragons and Demon Hunters
4: Black souls still feel pain...
5: Broken Dreams
6: When the Two Halves Rejoin
7: Past Love Returned
8: When the Stars Gather
9: Rising Stars
10: Some Days You Learn More Than Others
11: Mysteries of the Present
12: Time Changes Everything
13: Tension
14: Love is Strong as Death
15: One Perfect Moment
16: Twilight Meanderings
17: Possession
18: Together Alone
19: Orphée
20: Love Once Lost
21: Living is Changing...
22: Reconciliation
23: Though the Brightest Fell
24: Night and Dawn
25: Irrelevant Ramblings
26: Cabals
27: Love Lost and Other Pain
28: Through the Looknig Glass
Lady Chaos
Lady Chaos (2)
Katy Coope
John Evans
Lady Chaos (3)
Jonatan Streith
John Evans (2)
Gink (2)
Delfina (2)
Helen Stansfeld
Katy Coope (2)
Philip Barkow
Lady Chaos (4)
Delfina (3)
Jay M
Laura Knill
Ravi Duvvuri
Delfina (4)
Lady Chaos (5)
Katy Coope (3)
Philip Barkow (2)
John Evans (3)
Lady Chaos (6)
Katy Coope (4)
Philip Barkow (3)
Lady Chaos (7)

Dark Star Rules: Standard Impro

What's it all about, anyway?

Dark Star is the story of a mystical conflict playing out in a small Japanese town. Deities and demons clash in hidden battles, and love may prove to be the key to the fate of the world.

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