The Lost Robot Master Saga

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Filler Strips

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Yes, this strip owes much inspiration to Bob and George. Most sprites are from Sprites INC., who generally granted permission for their use. (Some sprites I obtained myself, but I could have gotten them from Sprites INC. anyway, so I feel no need to point out which are which.) One sprite is from The Shyguy Kingdom. Some of the backgrounds (the ones that aren't solid blocks of color) were made from backgrounds ripped by wataresistant, who also is very free with his granting of permission. Also, some of the fonts come from Blambot, a superb resource for comic-style fonts, many of them free! By using these sprites and backgrounds I intend no challenge to any copyright holders who own them; instead this work is meant as a labor of love, an homage to the games that have given me such joy over the years! (don't hurt me)