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December 27, 2008

Mini Game Design: Poker Panic

For 3-7 players.  Uses a standard 52-card deck. Shuffle, deal 7 cards to each player. Players trade cards amongst themselves. After a while (time limit?) trading ends. Each player uses the cards they have to construct the highest-scoring poker hand they can. Highest hand wins. The information problem Notice I’ve said nothing about what sort […]

December 14, 2008

AS3 and images; Aching Dreams 2

I upgraded to Flash CS4, and I’ve been working on Aching Dreams 2, as well as simply learning ActionScript 3.0. So far I’m just working on the programming framework; the story, gameplay and characters are still being, ah, fleshed out. Here’s something interesting I’ve discovered: When you add an image to a Flash file in […]