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November 30, 2008


As hinted at in an earlier post, I’ve created a new web-based game: NecroFodder!  It’s intended to be quick-playing but with some strategy involved as well.  Go check it out!  (It was created for the TIGSource Commonplace Book Competition.) In other news…I’ve been getting a huge number of spam comments on this blog.  Fortunately, the […]

November 25, 2008

Character power tests: Some thoughts, and an avenue for exploration

Recently I had an interesting insight, but I need some background to explain it. First, let’s think about games. Single player games, for now. One of the definitions of games given in Rules of Play is that game players deal with unnecessary obstacles. Imagine Super Mario Bros., for example; there are all sorts of obstacles […]

November 10, 2008


Today I looked into learning JavaScript.  Basically it’s a weakly-typed declarative/functional language with a couple object-oriented features for good measure, much in the line of PHP or Perl.  The interesting part, though, is the “HTML DOM”, a set of objects that allows JavaScript to access and manipulate the web page it’s a part of.  I […]

November 6, 2008

A review and a new project!

First, Greg Costikyan (yes, that Greg Costikyan) has given Aching Dreams a favorable review.  Not intense praise or accolades by any means, but for what the game is, I’m very pleased with what he said.  And there’s an interesting conversation going on in the comments, too.  Really, this is kind of an amazing feeling for […]